Rob Childs


Revelations of Rapier

2PM Friday May 3rd, 2024

Robert Childs is a swordsman out of the United States who began his fencing career 36 years ago at the age of 17. Though a multi-gold medalist in saber, single stick and longsword, Robert’s expertise and passion is for the rapier. His unique approach and style of fence has garnered international attention and owes its genesis to a life of travel competing and learning from a variety of styles and cultures. His larger and far-traveled tournament performances include winning gold at Sweden’s Swordfish for rapier and dagger, gold medals each for rapier and saber at SoCal Swordfight and a gold medal in rapier and dagger at the International Rapier Seminar in Denmark. In keeping with his desire to help other fencers achieve their greatest potential, Robert Childs has authored his treatise on rapier combat titled, “Revelations of Rapier”.



Just as you would not build a house without a strong foundation, so too can you not master the rapier without strong fundamentals to serve as the foundation of your art.

In this class, geared toward the beginning fencer, Robert Childs will provide an explanation of his core philosophy that underpins all swordplay. Following this, he will detail the common mistakes he has seen around the world as he guides the class through his method of moving, attacking, recovering and, finally, how to build the foundation of a powerful defense with the rapier and dagger.


Three Pillars of Fence

How to Move

How to Lunge

How to Recover

How to Defend (dagger placement)


Advanced Class: Blade Manipulation

Control of your opponent’s weapon is a vital skill if your goal is to go beyond point scoring and strike your opponent without being struck in return. Over the course of this instruction, Robert Childs will take you through a master class on blade manipulation. Here you will start by learning the fundamentals of controlling your opponent’s weapon. Then you will apply those lessons as Robert guides you through the steps for some of his more often used techniques such as blade captures and disarms.

As there are numerous sub-skills that must already be in place in order to make use of this knowledge, it is important to note this class is aimed at the advanced fencer.


Fighting by Sense of Touch

Blade captures (7, lockdown)

Momentum Disarm (building on the expulsion)